BitMEX leaked users’ emails. Traders threaten to sue.

When somebody says that BitMEX leaked their users’ emails, that is already grand news. But when the information leaked in an email sent to those very clients, that piece of news becomes a bomb.

A software error caused the users’ emails leak

On November 1st, BitMEX published a brief statement on their official blog that states that the company is aware of the leak. BitMEX also stated their team was quick to respond and resolved the issue. Furthermore, the trading platform’s PR piece offered a reassurance that BitMEX will contact users whose personal details were published.

Sometime after the initial statement, the company released another, updated address. The updated version explains an undisclosed software malfunction caused the leak. Further down the report, BitMEX offers reassurance:

Rest assured that in this instance, beyond email addresses, no other personal data or account information have been disclosed and no further emails have been sent.

And follows through with more of the same:

The error which has caused this has been identified and fixed, ensuring our usual high standards of privacy are upheld.

BitMEX issues instructions following the leak of users’ emails

After they leaked their users’ emails, BitMEX published a list of instructions for their clients. The list stated that their customers should be aware of possible phishing attacks. That means, in simple terms, that since BitMEX basically published their users’ emails, clients can expect a flood of messages from hustlers who want their money.

BitMEX also instructed their clients to follow their official social media and communication profiles and not to follow any instructions from other channels. Moreover, the world’s biggest derivatives trading platform warns users that they’ll never ask for their passwords or for the funds’ transfer. In the end, they remind users to protect their accounts with 2FA and their passwords with password managers.

Customers express their disappointment

BitMEX also published the news on their official Twitter. Needless to say, they ran into an avalanche of discontent as some users even threatened to prosecute. Among many similar comments, Muhammed Yesilhark perhaps articulated everybody’s thoughts the best, calling the incident unacceptable.

It will be interesting to see what damage control steps will the company take. CoinSyncom will regularly update you on the matter so, stay tuned in.