Blockchainsation in Laško, Slovenia – 3 Days of Blockjoyment

CoinSyncom is happy to be one more crypto-related media to announce Blockchainsation in Laško, Slovenia. It is the biggest blockchain and Cryptocurrency-related event in the region that will take place from 23rd – 25th of October 2020.

Blockchainsation’s slogan is: “…more than a conference”. That’s why the organizers say that, during the 3-day-long event, guests will be able to see and talk to many blockchain and crypto experts, do networking, and acquire useful knowledge. Furthermore, since the conference takes place in the beautiful spa resort Thermana, there will be time for relaxation and loads of fun.

Roman Berginc, CEO of All About Crypto and the main organizer states:

“At every conference, I expect useful knowledge, new connections, lots of fun and good food. Think about how many conferences did you attend lately that gave you all of that? Well, whole event preparation is focused on providing you at least those few. But I’m pretty sure you will get much more.”

The Blockchainsation Agenda

During the event, attendees will receive a thorough insight into the blockchain and cryptocurrency ongoings. Moreover, the more-than-a-conference event will try to answer some of the most important questions, such as:

  • What is the status of projects whose leaders at least want to talk about?
  • Which are the working blockchain-based solutions people can already utilize?
  • How has the industry evolved?
  • Where are we going / what’s next?
  • Where are we already using blockchain and why?
  • Is there a use case of implementing blockchain solution in my industry?
  • …and much, much more.

Blockchainsation will be happening on multiple stages. This will make it easier for guests to choose the topic of their exact interest. A large role in event dynamics will be provided by event partners and exhibitors who will showcase their products and solutions. Additionally, everyone will have a chance to get their questions answered directly from the experts.

A Special Kind of Networking on Blockchainsation in Laško

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Blockchainsation will provide plenty of networking opportunities. All guests will have enough time to schedule a meeting using a match-making tool or just have a simple chat. The match-making tool will not only provide information about the person but also help attendees to check the quality of potential cooperation. The fantastic thing about it is that it will be using a specialized system for performing these checks. The organizer discloses that more information on this special feature will be announced in one of the upcoming interviews CoinSyncom will report about.

In the end, organizers say that their guests will ultimately say, “Well, this was really more than a conference”.

For All CoinSyncom Readers

Since CoinSyncom is the official Blockchainsation media partner, all our readers are now eligible for a special 20% discount for all tickets. The only thing you have to do is use the following code when acquiring tickets: PN2NNV

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