Brave Software partners up with the East Asia Football Federation

According to yesterday’s official release, Brave Software is now an official partner of the East Asia Football Federation (EAFF). Since Brave Software is the producer of the popular Brave Browser, the two sides have agreed that Brave’s software becomes the official browser of the organization. Brave Browser brand will be visible at the 2019 E-1 Football Championship, hosted by EAFF in South Korea in December.

The partnership between the two organizations means that they will be launching a co-marketing campaign. During the campaign, a Brave LED board will be present at the sports venue with appropriate links to the E-1 official page ongoings.

Brave Software launches the interactive campaign

The release reveals the three main parts of the Brave’s marketing campaign. All will be interactive, allowing the audience to participate.

The first is called “Color the Cheer”, where the audience will have time to vote for one side during the first half of the match. The team with more votes will have a Brave’s LED banner with a support message and the team’s colors. Fans who voted will have the chance to receive the official tournament ball.

Fans will also have the chance to participate in the “AI Match Forecast.” Through it, spectators will be able to use the Brave Browser to predict the outcome of the game.

Finally, there will be a “Brave Award.” Football fans will reward the most “Brave” player using the Brave Browser.

Brave’s popularity is on the rise

Brave Software describes their browser as a software that provides a more satisfying and quicker user experience on the internet. They describe it as the solution 3-6 times faster than the competition. Moreover, it has an integrated privacy protection layer. But more than anything else, Brave looks to deal with the overwhelming amount of Ads users encounter while surfing the web.

Brave Software envisioned the integrated AdBlocker and a Brave Rewards system as the substitute for the classical Google Ads. With the blockchain technology as the base for the rewards system, Brave compensates users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Consumers and publishers alike, for their contribution. BAT is the 32nd biggest cryptocurrency according to market capitalization. It is present on most crypto exchanges while the price of a single token is, currently, $0.17.

According to Brave, their internet browser currently has 10.4 million users. It is available in 52 languages. If you want to support the decentralization and have the chance to participate in the Brave’s and EAFF’s competitions, download the Brave Browser by clicking on the Brave icon below.