Cardano’s Hoskinson Places His Project Above Bitcoin

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson lately seems eager to promote his project throughout the crypto-related media. Moreover, in an interview with a known publication, he stated that Cardano (ADA) has a more meaningful impact on crypto than Bitcoin (BTC).

The interview we are reffering to was given to U.Today on April 6th, and there, Hoskinson says:

The reality is, as great as Satoshi’s contributions were to cryptocurrencies, just what we’ve done at IOHK [the company behind Cardano] is significantly more meaningful.

The topic discussed was the real identity of Bitcoin’s father, Satoshi Nakamoto. Following up on the remark, Hoskinson also backed his claims by saying that IOHK formalized a lot of things in the space and went on to emphasize that his company demonstrated that proof-of-work (PoW) can be resistant to quantum computers and designed significantly better programming languages.

We extended the UTXO model, approved by simulation with a special type of state machine. I mean this is foundational work done by dozens of academics and the totality of it is unbelievably better than anything Satoshi can construct. At the peak, our system could probably perform at a million transactions per second. Satoshi’s can do it at seven.

Apart from the interview, Hoskinson also went live on YouTube with the Cardano update as well as with some of his thoughts about the coronavirus situation. The podcast was shot on April 3rd, and you can find it embedded right below this paragraph.

Hoskinson Also Compares Cardano to Ethereum

Besides to Bitcoin, Charles Hoskinson also compred Cardano to Ethereum just a week ago. He stated:

It will be easier to issue and maintain digital assets on Cardano (ADA) than Ethereum

It is always interesting to see what a former developer thinks about his creation. However, this time, we didn’t hear what are his expectations regarding the upcoming Ethereum migration to proof-of-stake (PoS). Since Cardano is going to compete with Ethereum and, perhaps, EOS, it would be interesting to hear what one of the Ethereum’s founders has to say on the matter.

If you think that Hoskinson is only promoting his project, it might just not be so.

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Weiss Crypto Ratings Believes in Cardano

Cardano’s Hoskinson, obviously, isn’t the only crypto VIP out there placing such a high level of trust in Cardano. The stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and financial institutions rating provider, Weiss, also highly values IOHK. They took to Twitter to express their admiration for the IOHK team by saying:

No other crypto we know of comes close to marshaling the same level of brainpower as Cardano. And this is reflected in one of the highest Technology scores of all the cryptos we rate.

Besides the CEO and Weiss, the crypto community also seems excited about Cardano and its perspective as the announced full product is highly anticipated since 2017.

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