Cryptocurrency Rewards on Coin Syncom! Paid to Share

Now, our readers can earn cryptocurrency rewards for sharing our content.

Some time has passed since we felt the need to reward our readers in some way. Nevertheless, it’s only now that we have, possibly, found a perfect way to do it.

Cryptocurrency Rewards With Sharpay Tokens

It was just the other day when we ran into the project that may just enable us to do what we wanted for quite some time. Sharpay is the platform that enables content creators to reward their readers with cryptocurrency. And when we did a bit of research, we decided to give it a shot.

Therefore, in the right sidebar on every page, you can see a widget saying “Earn Rewards for Sharing Our Content”. Immediately, you can see a few sharing options. However, by clicking on the button with three dots, extra options will be revealed.

Moreover, just to make things more convenient, under every article, our readers will be able to find the same set of options.

Still, the first thing that our readers will have to do before they start earning cryptocurrency rewards by sharing is to go and get the Sharpay wallet.

Get cryptocurrency rewards

Where to get the Sharpay wallet (Users)?

If you are reading CoinSyncom, it is quite possible that you are aware of the fact that one has to have a crypto wallet to store cryptocurrency. This is also the case with Sharpay’s (S) coins.

In order to get it, click the button below and register on the Sharpay platform as a user.

The registration process is rather simple and brief. Once you do it, you’ll get full access to your own wallet along with a nice dashboard. From there, you can withdraw coins, change settings, check the payouts history, and, basically, have an overview of everything that’s going on with your account.

Once that is done, in the Settings section, enable your social media accounts and CONGRATULATIONS! You can start reading CoinSyncom and share your way to Sharpay token rewards.

To share content you deem to be worthy, simply click the button of the platform where you want to share the article, and, if you are logged in over there, that’s it!

This is everything you need to know if you are a user. However, if you are among content creators with the domain, you may want to read on.

Sharpay Cryptocurrency Rewards for Content Creators

Cryptocurrencies are, in our opinion, about sharing and collaboration. In that spirit, we recommend Sharpay to all domain owners who want to try giving something back to their community.

Just like for users, the registration is simple and quick. There are no endless KYC compliance procedures. The only thing you need to do is to click on the button below, register, and choose the most convenient way to integrate the software into the website.

You will find that there are 4 plans of engagement with the platform, but that is for you to explore. The whole thing seems fully customizable, depending on the mentioned plan you are going to choose.

What to do With Sharpay Tokens?

Sharpay’s S token is still rather fresh in the market. Nevertheless, it is already listed on IDEX and SIMEX exchanges paired with Ethereum (ETH). The current value of the S token, according to CoinMarketCap, is
$0.000134. Hence, our readers can exchange it for Ether, or HODL and wait for the (upcoming) bull run.

After a certain period of use, Sharpay will reveal all its qualities and possible shortcomings. Then, CoinSyncom is going to publish an extensive review of the product. You’ll be able to read it (and share it!) in our Reviews section.

When you start feeling the irresistanbe urge to share our content and click on one of the icons below, you’ll be rewarded with Sharpay (S) Tokens. Now, ain’t that cool or what? Getting paid for sharing!! Of course, to receive your tokens, you’ll need a Sharpay crypto wallet. First you need to register on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and the wallet is there.

Thanks for sharing!