How Many Toilet Paper Tokens is There in the Market?

Coinmarketcap (CMC) listed Toilet Paper Tokens (TPT). Obviously, since most of the western world doesn’t know how to use the bidet in times of crisis, the token sold out quickly after listing. Naturally, the TPT’s daily trading volume destroyed all the other tokens and now sovereignly rules the crypto market with a 1.123,97% daily price spike.

The only thing we were left with (since we can’t get any more of TPT) is to think about the alternative. However, let’s talk about the token some more since, today, it’s so cool.

More About TPT

Let’s start with a quick technical analysis. For this purpose, we’ll try to analyze the chart given by the CMC.

Toilette paper tokens chart

The rather strange TPT/USD chart above reveals that the token bottomed out a few days ago. The reversal was marked by the double bottom formation which always means that the price is about to spike. Ass we stated before, the token is out of stock, therefore, we’ll see how this scarcity will reflect on the future price movement.

We didn’t check the RSI (are-ass-eye) indicator since the price historically moved in an unprecedented way. Therefore, traditional indicators don’t apply. Yet, we do advise caution and narrow stop-loss orders since the current situation with the coronavirus is speculated to be more dangerous for the crypto market than all weapons of ass destruction combined.

toilet paper tokens brave banner

Are There More Toilet Paper Tokens out There?

Yes, we are aware of the fact that TPT is sold out.

According to the Toilet Paper Tokens official blog,

TPT utilizes “smut contracts” to keep track of the total number of rolls that users (hereafter referred to as wipers) have purchased, and also maintains a record of how many rolls you are guaranteed.

Therefore, all wipers who acquired some TPT will be eligible for more once they stroke out.

For all those who wanna wipe but don’t have their own toilet paper token, there has to be an alternative or two wiping the bottom of the market. You just have to be persistent in your search. You should recognize these tokens by assolutely no utility at all and shady development team.

If you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to acquire some on a shady exchange that brags to be the biggest one in Asstralia. If your luck ran out but you still feel the irrepressible need, you have no other option but to turn to craptopia and see if they (the second biggest exchange in the country) listed what you so desperately need.

And a Question…

In the end, we shall present a Bitcoin (BTC) chart in the hope that you’ll have an idea for the token which will resolve this hard situation.

Toilet paper token bitcoin chart


CoinSyncom’s TA team (authors of this piece) is somewhat depressed by the coronavirus quarantene and, even more, by the fact that a coin overtook their beloved Bitcoin (BTC) at the top of CMC. Therefore, please excuse any typos you found in the article.

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