How to become a top cryptocurrency influencer 1.0.1

Hello, dear reader.

I decided to divide a small portion of my time to reveal the secret to success in the cryptocurrency universe. If you are the one destined to become famous and globally known, you came to the right place because I am about to make you a top cryptocurrency influencer.

A Humble Beginning

Some time ago, my friends and I decided to sail down the treacherous waters of crypto-related entrepreneurship. We were thinking long and hard about which path to take, and we had some serious decisions to make. Besides the way we gonna crash into the crypto space, we had to choose the method to raise some starting money. A few millions of dollars to start with.

As you already know, the ICO El Dorado was already gone. It’s so tragic how I didn’t think of it back then. We didn’t need to come up with something innovative at all back in those days. The only prerequisite for success was to make an ICO and produce a coin with a catchy name. Oh well, maybe the latter wasn’t mandatory, but the name should have been catchy. Something like AcidCoin (LSD), or maybe The NewTON (TNT), just to pick up a few millions more.

Nevertheless, those times are long gone, so I decided to focus on things that would, eventually, make me a top cryptocurrency influencer and a heavy hitter of the industry. After pondering for a few long hours, everything unraveled.

Top Cryptocurrency Influencer Production – Step By Step

Of course, on my path to undisputed glory, I would also need a lot of cash. If I’m gonna be an influencer, I better be able to back it up with some serious funds. Possibly with a minimum amount of personal responsibility and the potential to seriously influence the price of a wide variety of coins.

Therefore, I decided to launch an exchange.

Step 1 – Launching an Exchange

Top cryptocurrency influencer launching an exchange

Launching a cryptocurrency exchange is not as hard as some may think. In the end, if it was, there wouldn’t be more exchanges than coins in the market, would it? So, my pals and I put together a few bucks we had saved from the last bull run and paid a developer to copy some existing platform.

On February 10th, 2019, we launched our very own Bipolar cryptocurrency exchange (don’t confuse with Binance). Why Bipolar, you ask? Well, because we were talking about doing one thing while simultaneously doing something entirely different. That’ why the name sounded so awesome, to begin with. It described our business plan perfectly. Yes, having a centralized exchange to promote decentralization sounded equally insane to us, but we decided to give it a shot anyway.

Ah, yes, the company was formed in a tax paradise which I will not disclose for obvious safety reasons.

Step 2 – Dodging Regulations and Banning Jurisdictions

Crypto influencer dodging the law

This step is an easy one.

As we started to operate, the business was going all too well. However, suddenly, some guys from some government’s agency/ministry/whatever came snooping around. We didn’t want any trouble because those guys had nice, black suits so we decided to simply move our base to another jurisdiction. Moreover, in order not to break some laws we didn’t understand, we simply banned the US and IPs from some other countries. After all, it’s a real pain to go through all those unnecessary license-acquiring processes while promoting a decentralized technology with a centralized business.

Thus, my persona grew in stature as interviews began piling up like snow on Mt Blanc. After I’ve dealt with all those trivialities, it was the right time to make my final move towards becoming a top cryptocurrency influencer.

Step 3 – The Great Depression

The great depression

Despite the fact that Bipolar was doing good, I needed some sort of leverage to beat all those pesky McAfees, Lees, and god knows who else. I needed to get ahead of these guys on the only scale that measures what’s right and what’s wrong – CryptoTwitter.

I did all the liking and retweeting just like those people who wrote: “How to build up your Twitter profile?” directed me to do. Still, that wasn’t enough. I was still way short of influencing the already overinfluenced community. But I wanted it so bad that I could feel the need rising from my pinky toe. Once I’ve seen that jailbird Charlie Shrem having more followers, comments, and retweets than me, I went uncomfortably numb. And I haven’t even done any time.

Everything I did seemed in vain. All that money, extra trading platforms I’ve launched in the meantime, and an extra few companies I bought. It was all for nothing if I wasn’t able to reach the hearts of the community below me. Those that hunger for my wisdom the most.

It is at that time when there wasn’t a pinch of hope, I accidentally stumbled upon the article that opened my eyes.

Step 4 – To Hack or Not to Hack (The System)

Top cryptocurrency influencer using a bot

Since I don’t feel the need to get very technical I’ll try to describe the core of my success in a few brief and comprehensive sentences.

The easiest way to do that is to compare the procedure to the British tactics in WWII. The British placed inflated army vehicles and airplanes in improvised bases and runways for Germans to shoot at. While Germans were deceived and busy shooting at dummies, the British, along with the rest of the allies, launched the operation Overlord.

In this case, I was the British and all my organic, living followers were the Germans. I simply made the bot comment, like, and retweet my posts to deceive real people, and everything else came naturally (more or less).

This Tweet got embedded by randomly choosing Tweets about people being honored to be chosen as top cryptocurrency influencers. Someone got lucky with the old randomizer again.

If you want to know all the juicy details about how I made it (with all the embedded proof of my success and honest testimonials), please, read the in-depth article I’ll link in the next subheading to make it more visible:

The In-Depth Article About How To Become a Top Cryptocurrency Influencer (on Twitter)

The conclusion (This heading is a bit smaller to emphasize the size of the previous one)

Well, that’s, basically, it.

It took a lot of effort to make it in this wild and everchanging cryptocurrency universe. However, I did it in the end. By the time you got to these final sentences, thousands of Twitter users probably liked, retweeted, and commented on my enlightening Tweets.

Still, if you don’t have enough time to launch an exchange, as an alternative, you can just present yourself as a woman (even if you’re not one). Give yourself a nice name like CryptoLily or BitcoinSamantha. Stick a nice, photoshopped profile pic in there (a fake one, if you are a man or anything resembling one), and you’re good to go. Just for the record, I consider that to be cheating.

Therefore, more, much more than this, I did it my way.


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