JustClick Cryptocurrency Trading Bot (Ongoing) Review

Today, CoinSyncom starts a big JustClick cryptocurrency trading bot review. This is not going to be a conventional review by any means since we will be dissecting the power of this program in stages.

In the first stage, we will be telling you more about JustClick cryptocurrency trading bot, what users get for their money, and how to set it up.

JustClick Crypto Trading Bot Basics

The idea behind the JustClick project is to make algo trading as simple to set up and as useful as ever to an average Joe. This means that users do not have to be programmers to make it work, nor they have to be crypto-trading experts to be profitable.

The project was started by the developer and an experienced trader SashaTANG, who implemented his knowledge acquired through similar projects done for Swiss-based companies.

How to Set up JustClick Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

JustClick algo works with Metatrader5, which can be downloaded on the Metatrader’s official website. To start the bot, a user has to deposit funds in his personal account made with one of the brokers from the list below:

Evolve Markets will, of course, be the choice for all those who will want to remain in crypto.

After a user deposits funds to his personal account, the rest is as simple as it gets. The user directs Metatrader5 to his broker’s account, downloads JustClick, and in about 45 seconds things are set in motion.

The only thing a user has to take care of is that his Metatrader5 always remains online.

Pricing and the Money-Back Guarantee

JustClick license costs $120 in BTC to purchase for two years, which is not such a ridiculous sum of money some similar projects charge for automated trading.

As an extra user-friendly option, JustClick allows for a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee. However, the JustClick team disclaims that the price of BTC can change significantly during that time. Therefore, the amount of funds JustClick will return to the customer will be the exact amount of BTC a user initially paid.

This is a great way to establish an extra level of trust between the development team and their users who, in reality, get much more from JustClick than a mere trading bot.

The Complete Trader’s Package

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Once a person becomes a licensed JustClick user, he becomes eligible for other trading goodies this platform has to offer for the initial price:

  • Trading tools: a set of special JustClick’s trading tools that are specifically devised for crypto trading.
  • Indicators: special trading indicators for TradingView that make it easier to find adequate entries and exits.
  • Trading courses: JustClick also provides what can be called a school of trading with proven strategies that can make any investor a profitable trader. We are talking about textual and a video format along with a weekly webinar for all JustClick users.

This way, JustClick stops being just a provider of a trading algo and becomes an all-encompassing community of traders and those who aspire to become professionals.

How to Get JustClick?

Potential users can get in touch with the JustClick team through some of the channels below:

CoinSyncom team has already got its hands on JustClick trading bot. Therefore, we are going to edit this review weekly with trading bot’s results. Therefore, this article will remain at the top of our landing site. Hence, all our readers will be able to check on how the bot is performing over a longer period.

Be sure to follow us for more.

Week 1

This week we encountered some problems with JustClick crypto trading bot. In fact, the first few days of the week, our bot recorded some losses. Of course, we contacted the developer and he provided the following explanation:

March messed up our calculations because these kinds of conditions happen once every 4-10 years. Therefore, we had to take into consideration the new conditions, tune-up our bot, and normalize the algo. The fact remains that the bot lost money.

However, those whose bots traded with $100 lost more than users with larger investments. This happened because Just Click trades 12 pairs. Therefore, for those trading with less, bot used only 3-4 pairs, and it was unfortunate that those included more losing positions than winning ones. If $100 would trade all 12 pairs, it simply wouldn’t be enough to cover the margin.

After the developers tuned-up the algo, it seems that Just Click became profitable. Hence, towards the end of the week, it neutralized some of the losses, and CoinSyncom’s JustClick bot ended up with a 15% loss.

Taking into consideration that we traded with a minimum of $100 for the purposes of this review, we have to say that we might have better results if we invested more.

During this time, the developer provided full customer support and explanation in a real-time chat. Of course, as previously stated, the JustClick project makes video and textual courses, and webinars available to its users, which are included in the price, so this makes this hiccup more bearable.

Finally, for the final assessment, it remains to be seen how will JustClick behave in the weeks to come.

Week 2

This week, we are happy to say that JustClick was working wonderfully as everything seems to be in perfect order with the algo at the moment. In order to better depict how JustClick bot performed, we are going to make a distinction between three investment levels.

Obviously, and also according to the developer’s explanation, those who invested $100 had the fewest positions, which ended up with quite a reasonable profit. JustClick trading bot working with $200 had all those positions with more than a few additional, and was, therefore, much more profitable. Furthermore, investors with $300 or more invested enjoyed the most positions and, naturally, profits.

All the trades and results are visible in screenshots below.

JustClick trading bot profits
$100 investment positions
JustClick trading bot 200
$200 investment positions
JustClick cryptocurrency trading bot
$300 invetment positions

Of course, JustClick bot wielding $300 or more traded the last three positions along with all positions for $200 and $100. Those investors who fed their bot with $200 harvested the profit from both $200 and $100 positions, while JustClick bot running on $100 only traded positions from the first screenshot.

JustClick is starting to reveal its true potential. Stay tuned for more this Sunday.

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