PalmaBot and FIMA Signed a Historical Partnership

On May 5th, PalmaBot publically announced the partnership with the oldest Croatian traditional investment firm, FIMA. PalmaBot and FIMA signed a deal as a finalization of a year-long communication between the two companies.

What already is a significant step becomes even more historical when we disclose that PalmaBot is the first crypto-exclusive trading tool in the hands of the traditional investment company. This way, PalmaBot made a huge step in introducing the cryptocurrency market to traditional investors. PalmaBot’s executives emphasize that this is an important step towards bridging the gap between the traditional and crypto market.

The Pioneering Approach of PalmaBot and FIMA

Thus, Jernej Vrčko, the CEO of PalmaBot stated while announcing the partnership:

The pioneering approach that leads FIMA and PalmaBot towards bridging new-age crypto and traditional financial worlds signifies a big step for the whole crypto industry. Whereas it proves to the traditional investment industry that there is no cause for fear of technical innovations.

The PalmaBot’s executive pointed out that FIMA is a natural fit for his company’s main pillars of the development:

  • Real-time multi-exchange data processing
  • Partnership with FKPV Business Faculty
  • Zero-data App
  • Language-based button driven workflow

PalmaBot’s Croatian partner, the CEO of FIMA, Milan Horvat, explained the motivation behind the collaboration by saying:

Usually, business collaborations are born out of mutual interest. Consequentially, partners get to know each other. However, our cooperation took an alternative path. First, we clicked and then realized that we can have a serious and fruitful partnership. Now, both of our companies are focused on connecting the traditional system of communication in the financial industry with new technologies in the search for the optimal balance between human and artificial intelligence. Our goal is clear — reaching the level of mutual understanding with clients as we had when we started our cooperation.

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First Movers in Their Respective Fields

PalmaBot is a crypto assets management tool. This means that users can control their funds dispersed across 23 exchanges from one place. Moreover, the system has a sophisticated arbitrage mechanism that finds price spreads between exchanges and trades accordingly. It is an ambitious and, above everything else, a user-friendly project aiming to make cryptocurrencies easier to handle for an average user. This makes PalmaBot a one of a kind tool that newbies, as well as more experienced traders, shouldn’t skip over.

On the other hand, FIMA is a well-known, 25-years old Croatian investment company. During its existence, it has been present not only in Croatia but also in many foreign financial markets. FIMA as a company is a founder of the stock exchange in Varaždin, which makes it a pioneer in its own field. As the oldest investment firm in Croatia, FIMA is sure to help PalmaBot reach a good number of tradition-oriented investors from the region. Furthermore, the company is the first one to allow their clients access to regulated crypto investment. As such, say PalmaBot’s executives, it was a logical choice for a partnership.

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