PalmaBot – The Fastest Multi Exchange Mobile Crypto Trading

Have you ever felt the need to have an all-encompassing platform from which you can control all your funds that are dispersed across many exchanges? If you have, this is your chance to hop on board as we mark the launch of the fastest multi-exchange trading tool, PalmaBot.

The launch of the fastest crypto trading tool/chatbot

PalmaBot Love

The 16 members of the PalmaBot development team launched their product on November 16th, 2019. Even this early, we can say that their product brings some amazing benefits that especially PRO traders love along with the exceptionally intuitive UX!

The name PalmaBot stands for “do everything easy from under the Palm tree”, and we may say that they might have succeeded in their plan.

Palma’s real-time data processing engine is able to provide real-time customizable signals that let traders know about the price change even before they can see it on the exchange.

Traders can execute trades on the go directly on their exchange accounts. In order to do so, they only have to input the API key from the desired exchange and PalmaBot already functions. To make matters even better, that currently goes for 22 exchanges at the same time.

  • CEX
  • EXMO
  • OKEx
  • Yobit
  • LBank
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • BitBank
  • Coinbase Pro
  • ZB
  • Bitfinex
  • Bithumb
  • Braziliex
  • BTCmarkets
  • Bitstamp
  • Crypton
  • Kraken
  • HuobiPro
  • HitBTC2
  • Gemini

Consequentially, such a tool has immense arbitrage potential. Especially as the Palma’s team is prepared to add another 13 trading platforms.

PalmaBot’s Chat workflow is faster than any mobile app

With PalmaBot, traders can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other among more than 2000 coins on (for now) 5 implemented markets:

Palma UI
PalmaBot UI

The greatest catch for traders is the trick in chatbot workflow. By using chat, Palma’s signal-based workflow provides the fastest reaction time. Trade anytime, anywhere, go FOMO free – as they like to express it.

PalmaBot is ever-watchful 24/7. By adding the Pro features, you’ll have the control over everywhere you go, feeling completely natural inside PalmaBot’s UI. Moreover, with Palma, traders don’t even have to look at the screen all the time. This can very well make the traditional 6 trading screens approach obsolete.

PalmaBot vs. The new Bitstamp App

PalmaBot Sun Tzu Security Strategy

I’m not giving my APIs to anyone,” is the phrase that Palma’s developers commonly hear from those more skeptical. Hence, they have developed Zero Data Architecture (ZDA) that enables functioning without storing traders’ APIs on their servers. That system can be compared with online banking security based on OWASP guidelines. In that spirit, PalmaBot does not store any of the users’ data. Instead, APIs are stored on the trader’s device exclusively.

Jernej Vrčko, the CEO of PalmaBot, compared Palma’s security to the famous war strategist Sun Tzu’s (wiki link) tactics. Sun Tzu states:

Your enemy can not defeat you by destroying your central base if you distribute your wealth and equipment.

PalmaBot’s security strategy

The experienced PalmaBot Development team

The basic features of PalmaBot were usable since bot’s Beta version released in October 2018. Still, the team explains that the event which triggered the development of the chatbot was really the specific one.

According to Palma’s co-founders, the story began in Q4 2017 as crypto arbitrage opportunities were booming. Back in those days, the difference between the Slovenian exchange Bitstamp and South Korean exchange Bithumb was 100% for Bitcoin, sometimes.

PalmaBot Team

Jernej Vrčko explains that the inability to access their exchange accounts back in 2017 triggered PalmaBot development.

They (accounts) were inaccessible via web browsers during the different arbitrage strategies testing. Therefore, Janez Kostanjšek (PalmaBot’s co-founder and CTO) found a quick solution for API access – Telegram chatbot. Next, Gregor Boltar (Palma’s co-founder and ex broker and business advisor), with his know-how and experience in the financial world, materialized the benefits of such an approach.

The all-encompassing approach

PalmaBot isn’t just about the described chatbot. Their partnership with FKPV Faculty from Slovenia, one of the first business faculties in Europe that provides the whole year course on Blockchain and Bitcoin, is something to be seriously considered as a huge contribution to the niche in the region. Together, they are building a risk-free learning environment for research on advanced business and trading strategies. 

PalmaBot is not just a tool for trading. It carries all the knowledge the product encompasses in the Proof-of-Knowledge protocol, and accordingly, the team’s approach can be recognized as very broad as Palma looks like they didn’t forget a thing. The team is present and active on their social media channels as the bot is live, for now, on Telegram. Find the links below and happy trading!

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