Did Tron become a Samsung partner?

The latest breaking news release states that Tron is now the official Samsung partner. After the cryptocurrency platform finished the work on the Odyssey protocol upgrade, it seems that the first reward already arrived. And what better reward there is than the partnership with such a giant as Samsung.

Samsung Blockchain keystore to host Tron

Our sources reveal that, after the initial tease by Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun, his company has, indeed partnered up with Samsung.

According to the same sources, it is now official that Tron is integrated with the industry giant’s blockchain keystore. The apparent breakthrough will definitely bring a much greater level of adoption for Tron as it will open up a whole new market for their tech. Users will be able to access Tron’s network thorugh their Samsung devices and use Apps pegged to the Tron blockchain.

Justin Sun reportedly stated:

This is a remarkable milestone for TRON, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Samsung. We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration.

Will this be the sign of the price breakthrough remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Tron as a Samsung partner is a huge step forward for Sun and his crew. Currently, Tron sits at 10th position in the crypto market according to market capitalization. The price per TRX token is at $0.02, which is 7% more than 24 hours ago. Therefore, the latest news may have influenced the price change.

Tron’s development

As previously mentioned, Tron has completed the Odyssey upgrade. According to the official release, the newest Odyssey v3.6.5 is running smoothly and, like it was planned, pushed the award system towards the full decentralization.

While Odyssey is a huge step, we simply cannot compare it with Tron being the Samsung partner. However, both of these combined are a clear sign that there is a bright future for all Tron supporters.