Zerion Review- User-Friendly DeFi Dashboard

In the last couple of months, we have seen incredible growth in the DeFi space. New tokens, liquidity pools, and yield farming projects keep popping out on a daily basis. Even experienced people that work full time in crypto find it difficult to keep up the pace with this mind-blowing innovation. DeFi protocols are by design separated and developed in a single platform. For users to opt-in, they need to access every protocol individually. However, Zerion is trying to become the solution to this problem and build a one-stop DeFi dashboard and portfolio tracker. In our Zerion review, we are going to explore key features and show you all the benefits of this interesting platform.

DeFi Dashboard

Zerion is an interface that collects all the DeFi features under one roof. Users can invest, save, lend, borrow, and trade within one software system. That became achievable through the integration process of different DeFi protocols. Moreover, you can track your portfolio across multiple accounts by simply connecting your wallet with Zerion. On the other hand, users can also type their Ethereum address or ENS (Ethereum Name Service) to simply keep track of live price updates.

Zerion review dashboard
Zerion dashboard

Ease of use

Zerion is one of the simplest dashboards for non-tech-savvy users. The app is available on the desktop, and also in the mobile version. One of the biggest obstacles for mass adoption is the absence of real user-friendliness. Nevertheless, Zerion perfectly solves this problem by aggregating all the popular DeFi protocols under their platform. Users can access DSR (Dai Savings Rate) or Uniswap liquidity pool with the click of the button. Furthermore, the design is pretty sleek and minimalistic, which leaves a good impression.

Wallet Connection

Users can choose between several wallet options. Generally, most people use Metamask or Ledger, but there are also alternatives available. Such as Coinbase wallet, Portis, Fortmatic, and mobile wallet connection via WalletConnect. Zerion is non-custodial. Therefore users don’t need to provide personal information or give up control of their assets.

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Zerion review- Features

There are 8 different tabs in the desktop version of the platform. Yet, the History and Explore tabs stand out and, in our opinion, are game-changer in the crypto space.

In the History tab, users can grasp all their wallet transactions in a straightforward and user-friendly way. In addition, they are able to filter by address, protocol, asset, and transaction type. What makes the distinction from Etherscan (block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum blockchain) is, undoubtedly, a much more appealing design. Etherscan can be too technical and might represent unnecessary hurdles for newcomers.

Zerion review history tab

In the Explore tab, users can learn about trending yield farming tokens, possible layer-2 scaling tokens, top liquidity pools, and top tokens by market cap. This aggregating function saves a lot of research time, and makes finding the best opportunities much easier.

Zerion review explore tab

Notifications and alerts

Every portfolio tracker needs to have well developed and updated alerts system. Zerion does not lag behind. Users can subscribe to receive browser and push notifications. Right now it supports 18 different types of notifications. Some of the most useful ones are product updates, all possible types of transactions, and CDP (collateral debt position) alerts. To enable push notifications, users can click on the Subscribe button on the bottom-left corner, and then confirm access in their browser.

Zerion review- The Verdict

A few projects in the DeFi space are focused on user-friendliness and ease of use. Zerion definitely belongs to this category and, as such, is becoming more recognized by DeFi users. This quite neat tool can save countless hours of transaction history tracking. Furthermore, users don’t need to interact with every single protocol individually. Finally, they can easily calculate profits and losses in seconds.

In conclusion, Zerion is something all DeFi investors should at least try out.


  • Great UX
  • Minimalistic design
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Non-custodial


Supports only protocols based on Ethereum

Zerion Review Verdict

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